Play 3 Card Poker Online and Enjoy This Interesting Game ( admin posted on September 24th, 2012 )

This article is dedicated to such simple but original game as 3 card poker. Here dealer and players receive three cards. There are only five winning combinations in this game and you should collect one of them to win. So if you know 3 card poker rules and have a wish to win start your beneficial game right now. Do not forget that to win in this game you will need to know the strategy as well. Then you should determine the amount of money you can afford to lose and choose the limits. To win in this game you will also need self-discipline. This game is exciting and interesting but you can lose a lot of money if play it all the time. Try to make a break every 20-30 minutes. In this case you will be able to understand whether it is your lucky day or not and you won’t be in the situation when you play and lose all the money because of adrenaline.

When you find a suitable casino and decide to play 3 card poker use all the bonuses this online establishment provides, play for its money and not for your own cash. Also it would be a great practice if you find online casinos where you can play free 3 card poker. Never take alcoholic drinks while your game it won’t allow you to take decisions adequately. Alcohol and cards in not the strategy that will help you to win in any casino game. What will help is online casino bonus.

We can say that 3 card poker combines two plays. The first game is where a player tries to beat dealer’s cards by better combination. Stake in this game is called “ante”. It means that you stakes on the fact that you poker combination will be better than dealer’s one. You don’t play against other players. The second game consists in staking on the fact that you will have pair or better combination. This stake is called “pair plus”. A player can stake on both these fields or on one of them. The amount of chips may differ on these fields.

In some casinos there is a rule that a player can not make a stake on “pair plus” if he doesn’t stake on “ante”. Also stake “pair plus” cannot be higher than “ante”. So it is recommended to learn 3 card poker strategy well before sitting at the table. The game is played at the tables that look like blackjack tables. There are three fields in front of every player. The first field is for “pair plus” stake other two fields are called “ante” and “play”. There are several suggestions that will help you to play 3 card poker successfully: make a stake if you have Queen or higher card, always make a stake if you have Queen, 9,4 or better card. Today tree card poker becomes very popular. Those who like to play it say that this game is easy and fun. But before playing 3 card poker online check information about bounces that are available in this particular casino. Learn the rules attentively as they may differ in various casinos.